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  • Lace up ankle boots
  • Closed design protects against debris
  • Quick Release lacing system that is great for immediate removal of shoes in case of emergency

Dual Density PU Outsole

  • Soft outsole density provides greater comfort
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Deep cleats to improve traction control
  • Antistatic ready

Dual Density PU Outsole

Soft midsole promotes good shock absorption while the hard-wearing outsole retains toughness and durability.


Minimizes the buildup of electrostatic charges to reduce risk of spark ignition.


New natural toe cap fit means maximum toe protection without the added bulk.


Streamlined outsole design reduces fatigue and shoe weight up to 10%.

Improved Traction

Outsole cleats designed to improve surface grip and minimize slip.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Aviation & Transportation
  • General Manufacturing
  • Refinery & Chemical Manufacturing


Rp 385.000

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Rp 385.000

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